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Ironmongery for Sash Windows, Casement Windows and Doors


Choosing your ironmongery is an important consideration for the overall finish of your windows and doors.

There are specific ironmongery requirements for sliding sash windows, casement windows and doors. Think about the finish that you would like and the style that you prefer. We buy all our ironmongery from manufacturers and suppliers in the UK.

Your choice of ironmongery is not governed by conservation, it is a personal preference.

To download our comprehensive guide please click here:  Ironmongery Guide

Our quotes come with standard high-quality brass-plated ironmongery included. At an extra cost, we can supply solid brass ironmongery that is finished with different polishes or chrome plating. We will discuss your preferences at the point of sale. We can also show you samples so that you can check the quality, finish and design that you are looking for.


There are 3 main finishes available: Polished Brass, Satin Chrome, Polished Chrome. At an extra cost we can get various options such as Antique Brass or Antique Bronze.


Sash Windows

On a standard sash window there will be 2 sash lifts, 1 catch, 1 sash ring, sash restrictor (optional), trickle vent (optional).


Regarding security and air tightness, our extensive experience tells that the Brighton Sash Fastener is the best fastener to use as it pulls the 2 sashes together squeezing the draught seals. Historically these were most commonly used up to a 100 years ago. The other options are the arm fastener or claw fastener which are good alternatives if preferred.


The advantages of fitting restrictors on sash windows is that they allow the windows to be opened to a certain height, usually 100mm, to let in the breeze, but not enough for someone to lean out.

There are 3 types of restrictor –

  • All bedrooms in the home should be fitted with a fire egress restrictor as a quick and easy means of escape.
  • Angel vent locks are button release restrictors. These don’t work with all sash windows as it will depend on the horn details.
  • A Standard restrictor which is operated by an Allen key. Also known as a pin lock or dual sash screw.


The pulleys for cord sash windows are either square ended or round. On old windows all the pulleys have square ends to be in keeping with the designs of the era. Our new windows all have round end pulleys as standard. These come in all finishes and will match the other ironmongery choices for the overall window.

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Casement Windows

Casement windows will have butt hinges , locking espag handles and casement stays. Similarly to our sash windows, this ironmongery is available in a range of finishes and we are at hand to give you advice as to the your choices.


The system that we use on all casements is a traditional Butt Hinge. These have a small knuckle and although they are more expensive, they are more in keeping with the traditional designs and style of our windows.

Locking Espag Handles

These are little multi-point handles that open and close the windows and lock them simultaneously. They come in a large range of finishes and designs. Our favourite is the reeded handle!

Casement Stays

The casement stay holds the window in the open position at the desired angle. There are a variety of stays in different finishes and designs and we are happy to advise you and show you samples of these.

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casement window ironmongery

Front Doors

Our front doors will include a price for standard ironmongery. There is quite an array of choice of ironmongery for front doors and can include:

  • Letterbox
  • Knocker
  • Door knob
  • Escutcheon
  • Spy hole
  • Finger pull (sometimes on a night latch)
  • House number

We will discuss your requirements at the point of sale and advise you accordingly. All of the above can be chosen in different finishes.

  • Hinges

All the hinges that we fit on front doors are top quality 4” ball bearing hinges.

  • Locks

The security of your home is paramount. There are a few different  options that you can look at:

  1. Night latch and deadlock – this is the more traditional option. It means you will have a two key system to unlock the door, however.
  2. Multipoint – We use exclusively Winkhaus multipoints. On front doors we can use the Winkhaus AV2 which means that you don’t need a handle on the outside of the door. It will still look traditional but will include modern security features.
  3. Banham locks – we can install Banham locks on request.
  • Trapper bars

We use a metal threshold either in brass, black or satin finish. We have specialised trapper bars depending on whether the door opens inwards and outwards. This will be advised by our project management team.


How to care for your ironmongery

With regular use and time, the finish of the window and door hardware will alter. For plated finishes the best care is to clean with warm soapy water. A metal polish can also be used if desired to increase the shine. For living finishes such as Antique Brass and Autumn Bronze, the natural aged effect will increase over time, adding to it’s charm. A rub with good beeswax polish can also be useful to protect it.

Our suppliers

For further information or to view the comprehensive catalogues of your choices, please see the following websites:

Knobs & Knockers, Nassau Street, Dublin 2

AMK Hardware, Craigavon, Northern Ireland

From the Anvil, Powys, Wales

Croft, West Midlands, UK

Fulton & Bray, Carlisle, Cumbria, UK 

To download our comprehensive guide please click here:  Ironmongery Guide

Published 11th February 2018

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