Case Study – New sash windows in an newly built Irish country home

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Case Study – New sash windows in an newly built Irish country home

Kitchen with timber windows

This feature is about new sash windows and doors – modern windows with a traditional look.

We have such a fabulous photo gallery for you this week and I am so excited to share it with you.

This is a recently finished, newly built home in Co. Meath. The owners had a beautiful plot of land in a lovely area and wanted to take advantage of the views over the countryside to fill their rooms with light, yet keep the traditional look of an Irish country home.

The quality and finish of bespoke timber windows allowed them to realise their dreams. Each opening is framed elegantly with thoughtful surrounds. The windows themselves have narrow glazing bars to maximise the light and the aesthetics of the interior and exterior of the home.

This home has the expanse and flair of a period property. However, it is designed with energy efficiency and modern living standards in mind. The windows are all double glazed and avail of the Timeless double draught seal system. This is a contemporary home that is in keeping with the community around but also the chic stylishness that distinguished the architecture of bygone days.

The home has all new timber windows and doors, including french doors from the kitchen to the garden and a stunning rooflight over the kitchen island. Let’s take a look through the rooms.

Kitchen with french doors (patio doors), 6 over 6 new sash windows and a timber rooflight.

Timber french doors

Kitchen with timber windows

Timber rooflight

Timber rooflight

Open plan dining room and kitchen

Bedroom and dressing room with new sash windows

Bedroom sash window

Dressing room sash window

Living rooms with new sash windows and shutters

new sash windows

New Sash window and shutters

new sash windows

Hallway with new arched window

New arched window

I hope you enjoyed this tour and the new sash windows.

Words and pictures by Jennifer Ritchie, Timeless Sash Windows, 3rd October 2018.

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