Sash Windows

Traditional Pulley and Weights

Traditionally hung with pulleys, cords and weights, this window consists of two vertically sliding sashes counterbalanced with metal weights.

Great care has been taken in the design of our windows and selection of materials to ensure the year round smooth operation.

Spiral Balance Sliding Sash Windows

Similar to our traditional pulleys and weights sash window, the spiral balance sash window is operated by pre-tensioned springs recessed into the pulley frame.

Spiral balance is generally used when the window opening does not allow for weights.

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Traditional Styles

French / Flush or Stormproof are available. These can operate on butt or friction hinge with the use of traditional ironmongery to offer a quality finish.

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French Doors

Bi-fold Doors

Front Doors

Sliding Doors

Our timber doors are as stunning to look at as our windows. With each made to your exacting requirements we can offer a near limitless combination of panels, glazing bar and moulding profiles, top-lights, ironmongery and paint finishes.

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Window Surrounds

Shutter boxes are the ultimate finish for your new window. As a traditional joinery manufacturer specialising in windows, we have all of the skills in-house to produce beautiful internal timber shutters. Historically these were installed to keep out cold, dirt and light and provide a decorative internal panel to expand upon the aesthetics of traditional timber windows. Our period shutters also provide excellent security and privacy in any home. We can hand carve patterns to match profiles to make your shutters truly unique. We also provide timber surrounds of various types which enhance your windows.

Secondary Glazing

Secondary glazing is useful where there are specific noise related issues or where the existing window cannot be altered. This may be the case for listed properties or where the detailing cannot be recreated. Secondary glazing greatly improves the u-value and overall window performance where the use of double glazing is not permitted. We can create a hinged or sliding internal window made from timber (in a variety of formats) to sit sympathetically behind the original window and improve performance. Often undertaken with our draught sealing or restoration services for the original windows, the space between the two windows (and materials used) will offer significant noise reduction and improved thermal performance without the presence of inappropriate modern materials in the room.