Frequently Asked Questions

Can I double glaze my original sash windows?
If there is enough timber in the sections of the rebate to house it, double glazing can be fitted into your original sash window. The sashes need to be removed to our Timeless factory where we remove the existing glass. Next we clean and deepen the rebate to house the thicker glazing. More than likely, the only double glazing that can be used is Slimline double glazing.
What is the U-value of glass and window?
All our products are bespoke, and each has its own U-value. Our windows are independently tested by a certified U-value specialist. Our products are traditional designs in keeping with Victorian and Georgian styles and the U-values are dependent on the window chosen. Typically, the U-value for an energy rated sash window is 1.4.
Can I match the existing style of the window?
Yes. All windows and doors are handcrafted in our purpose-built factory in Co. Meath. This means that we can match the exact detail of your old windows or modify sections to specific requirements.
Can original shutters be re-used with new windows?
Yes. An expert joiner will remove and label each part individually. Your new window will then be fitted and the shutters re-instated to their former glory.
What is the lead time on your products?
The lead time varies depending on the project and the current workloads. Your surveyor will be able to advise you at the time.
Will my windows come finished painted?
Your windows will come with a full factory spray paint finish, which is 3 coats of Teknos specialist joinery coatings. This is a paint system for external timber joinery – it is flexible, breathable and the spray-painted finish comes with a 7-year warranty.
What type of timber choices do you have for my windows and doors?
The main types of timber that we work with are mahogany, Accoya, Douglas Fir and European or American oak. Each timber species has its own benefits and our specialists can help to recommend the best timber to meet your requirements. All our timber is sustainably sourced and FSC rated.
What choices of ironmongery are there?
Our ironmongery comes in polished brass, polished chrome and satin chrome which is supplied by an ironmongery specialist in the UK.
Which is the best option for my windows, weights or spiral balance?
Weights / cords and spiral balances both have advantages and disadvantages. The correct choice for you will depend on your window reveals and the aesthetics you are looking for. Weights and cords are the traditional option, with the weight housed behind the pulley stile. Spiral balances are mainly used when there is no room in the reveal to house the weight. The spiral balances are a more modern option and are visible on the inside of the window.
Which is better, to repair the original sash or to replace it?
If your original window is in a listed area, the emphasis is on repair and restoration. We can also introduce modern draught proofing which will not visually impair the original aesthetic of your window. We could also introduce Slimline double glazing to improve the U-value of your original window whilst maintaining the character of the original building.If there is no restriction on your current windows, however, there are various options which include refurbishing the frame and new sashes or new windows.
What is the U-value difference between single and Slimline double glazing?
The U-value of a 4mm single pane of glass is 5.7W/m2K. The U-value of a 12mm double glazed Slimline unit is 1.9W/m2K.
Do I need to service my windows?
Your windows will need to be cleaned twice a year with a non-abrasive cleaner and a damp cloth. Ironmongery should be cleaned and lightly oiled once a year.All our windows come with a maintenance manual which detail how to keep your windows in best working order.
Can I have dual colour on my windows?
Yes. Our paint specialists can provide the paint finish that you would like.
Do you have an airtight window?
Our windows achieve a Class 4 air leakage which is the highest standard possible.
How long will the glass be guaranteed for?
Slimline glass comes with a 5-year guarantee and conventional double glazing comes with a 5-year guarantee.
Can you draught proof my existing windows yet keep their originality?
Yes. The draught seals for the sash window are kept in a position to avoid being visually prominent and all critical junctions are sealed. We use the Timeless Draught Proof System with Schlegel and brush weather seals.
Can I replace a rotten section of my window?
A rotten timber section can be spliced with new timbers. This will be made to match the existing section perfectly. This time-honoured technique will greatly increase the lifespan of the old window.
Can you replace cords to improve the smoothness of the windows?
To improve the smoothness of sliding windows, a combination of draught sealing together with changing the cords and pulleys is the best solution. If you just need to replace the cord, however, we can offer this service with a specialist sash non-stretch cotton cord with a nylon core.