Bespoke timber sash windows. Ireland's highest quality sash windows, Hand crafted in Meath

A sash window can be best described as a vertically sliding window typically made up of two sashes which act as a frame for the internal glass and glazing bars. The first evidence of this architecture in the UK and Ireland can be dated back to the late 1600s, from which the popularity of sash windows grew immensely throughout the 18th and 19th century. In the mid-1850s glazing bars which separated the glass were slimmed down to give the windows a slicker look. Around this time plate glass also started to be used. Having sash windows with plate glass demonstrated the wealth of the owner as well as being undoubtedly stylish.

To facilitate the up and down nature of sash windows, sashes are usually balanced by hidden sash weights which are in the window frame. This cavity needs to be allowed for when constructing the walls of the house. If not the walls may need to be modified or spiral balances can be used. The fact that both sashes are usually opening allows for optimal ventilation. As the warm air in a room rises it creates lower pressure towards the bottom of the room. This invites fresh air in from outside as the warm air is pushed out above the top sash. Because of this a room can be ventilated without a draught flowing through the room. The design of a sash window allows for this ventilation even with a small opening at the top and bottom of the window, ideal even for when it’s raining. Draught proofing, the use of double glazing and enhanced timber quality are recent improvements which allow the traditional design to comply with the latest energy efficiency requirements.

Our people, our craftsmanship, our quality product and aftercare are just some of the many reasons people choose Timeless made windows.

Draught Proofing

Unrivaled draught sealing techniques which have achieved a Classification 4 from the BS EN 12207:2000 & BS EN 1026:2000 Standards. This is the highest (Best) classification you can achieve.

Hand crafted

All our sash windows are hand crafted using “time honoured techniques” while incorporating modern draught sealing and security techniques. All our products are hand crafted, we can modify/change our sections size to specific requirements. Architects/Planners require this often for replacement windows to replicate the original windows in a period building.

Slimline Glazing System

Our Slimline glazing system is a recent innovation here at Timeless Sash Windows. This system allows you to have a glazing bar of 16mm in width and is currently patent pending. Generally glazing bars for double glazing start at 22mm.

Turn key solutions

We offer a turn key solution here at Timeless Sash Windows, from planning/ design stage right through the whole process to the installation and aftercare.

All of our windows feature:

• Draught Proofing - Classification 4 from the BS EN 12207:2000 & BS EN 1026:2000 Standards. This is the highest and best classification you can achieve.

• Hand built to the highest standard of craftsmanship.

• Splicing with Accoya timber, which is virtually rot proof with 50 year anti-rot warranty. Additionally it is highly stable, allowing for coatings to last up to two times longer than other types of wood.

• Slimline Glazing System - a hugely popular innovation here at Timeless Sash Windows. This system allows you to retrofit slimline double glazing into your existing sash where you may have a glazing bar as slim as 16mm in width.

• All our double-glazed units come with warm edge Swiss V spacer bar which is made from an insulated composite plastic material. This spacer bar also helps improve the energy efficiency of the overall window.

• As standard in all our windows we use low e-soft coated glass, this glass is coated in la microscopically thin transparent coating. This coating helps improve the U Value of the glass and also acts as a barrier for heat loss.

With Timeless Sash Windows You Get:

• No more draughts

• No more rattling

• Improved insulation and thermal efficiency

• Guaranteed smooth operation

• Improved Security

• Window life span increased

There are a number of different window styles. They are mainly, Edwardian, Georgian and Victorian windows. These vary from are one over one pane, two over two pane, three over three pane, four over four pane and six over six pane. You can also have margin bars.

The choice of style depends on the location of your property e.g. if neighbouring homes have a certain style, then generally this is the style that is replicated. If you are in a conservation area, it is a requirement to replicate what the original window style once was. No one style is better than the other, however the cost will increase with the greater number of glazing bars you have.

There are also a number of different designs you can have. These include:

• Shaped

• Arched

• Gothic

• Bowed