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Hardwood Windows

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A recent customer told me how nothing in her period house was straight. During this era in the 1800s, houses were all built individually by tradesmen. There was no mass production or standardization. As such, the windows and doors are unique sizes.

What does this mean for you?

Heritage windows and doors

Heritage listed or a ‘protected structure’ period properties need a bespoke service for upgrades. Luckily, old hardwood windows and doors were built to last. Often we can refurbish the frames, splice and repair rotten sections and add new glazing if required. We are passionate about the very best products and keep up to date with the latest glazing and timber technology to ensure that our new, in addition to our refurbished heritage windows and doors, are the best on the market.

Bespoke Windows

A bespoke service means that no matter what shape or size your windows are, we can match the existing designs and greatly improve the thermal efficiency.

Older sash windows tend to share common problems. Rotten timber, old putty, broken or heavily worn sash cords or being painted shut are a few such issues. In addition, if the timber has swollen or shrunk, you may experience issues with rattling windows, draughts and sticking.

However, the fact that architects and builders are opting for traditional sash windows in new homes, demonstrates their continued popularity. Residential architecture develops wonderful character through the use of large proportioned sliding sash windows.

Moreover, owners of period properties from the Georgian and Victorian eras particularly, want to preserve the features and aesthetics of the buildings, yet live in comfort and with better thermal efficiency. New sash windows from our top quality joinery will give you perfectly matched details combined with state of the art window technology. These windows are a far cry from the windows of the past, yet they look identical.


Accoya timber is a popular choice for heritage windows. This is a natural wood that comes primarily from FSC sustainable Radiata Pine forests in New Zealand. Itis a softwood that goes through a patented process of acetylation in Accsys Technologies in Arnhem, the Netherlands. The resulting timber has a 50 year anti-rot guarantee. Additionally it is impenetrable to attack from many insects and paint coatings will last up to 3 times longer. It is also worth noting that although the timber is originally a softwood, the process it undergoes results in a timber that is stronger than many hardwoods. This warp resistant timber is an excellent choice for sash windows.

Hardwood Windows

If you would like some professional advice for your window options, be it repair of period windows or new traditional timber windows, our joinery offers a bespoke service. Typically we use Accoya or mahogany hardwood for windows. Both timbers offer excellent longevity with the correct care. In addition they will look beautiful from the inside and out. Finally, you will have complete flexibility with paint colours and ironmongery choices.

Read more about timber choices for windows here.

Is it worth replacing old windows?

Definitely, for a number of reasons:
1. Increases the market value of the property when selling
2. Improves comfort and warmth inside the home
3. Decreases energy bills, better for your pocket and the environment
4. Reduces or eliminates window condensation inside
5. Better aesthetics and kerb appeal.

To find out more, call our office 046-9023323 or send an email with full details of what you are looking for to [email protected] We will get back to you to arrange a survey if necessary and to discuss your options.

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