How to choose your window frame colour

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How to choose your window frame colour

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Whether you are refurbishing old windows or ordering new sashes, you will have an option to choose the paint colour. The most common colour that is ordered with our customers is white, either RAL 9010 (gentle white) or RAL 9016 (traffic white).

However, there is a current trend for dark grey, light grey and a host of other colours.

Indeed, if you opt for timber windows, they can additionally be sprayed a different colour on the inside and the outside. This is a brilliant feature as your choice that suits the exterior of the home doesn’t have to affect your interior design.

Additionally, an advantage of timber is that it can be repainted over the years. Thus, if you purchase a property and have vastly different taste and style to the previous homeowner, you can add your own flair by repainting in your chosen colour palette.

We hope that this page gives you some helpful tips for your colour choices.

Farrow and Ball Colour Advice

Firstly, I asked Farrow and Ball about their thoughts on choosing window and door colours:

Charlotte Cosby, Head of Creative at Farrow & Ball:

 “Soft and subtle colours such as pale blues or greys can create a relaxing environment for you to step into after a busy day, while bolder shades like our new Lake Red or Dutch Orange can’t help but make you smile. For rural settings, greens and stony neutrals will blend effortlessly with your surroundings. But remember to choose a shade you love for your front door and window frames rather than just focusing on the period of the property!

When it comes to finish, high gloss always makes for a smart and striking entrance, while flatter eggshells bring a more relaxed feel. Another thing to consider is the light direction. A south facing door will struggle with darker colours, so it’s best to go with nature and keep your paint colour light and bright. Lastly, always have a peak at your neighbour’s front door. You don’t want to pick the same colour!”

Timeless Tips for Choosing Window Frame Colours

Now, here are some of our tips to help you choose your window frame paint colour. Finally, scroll down to see images and the dual paint colour option.

1.Lighter coloured window frames tend to brighten the interiors, especially on duller days.

Choose white windows to enhance the light in your room. Additionally it is a good choice for the longevity of the timber as it reflects the sunlight.

2. Do you want your windows to stand out or blend in to the facade?

If you opt for a light coloured window frame on a dark facade it will stand out. Similarly the opposite is true with dark frames against a light exterior.

3. Warm or cool tones

Warm tones are reds, oranges, browns and yellows. Cooler tones are blues, greens, whites and greys. Think in these terms when deciding an overall look for your home, including the colour of the roof and facade.

4. Houzz

The forum on Houzz provides a great platform for advice, as you can see how other people have gone through the process or upload your own photographs to seek help.

5. Have a look at neighbouring houses on your street to compare window colours on a similar facade

Bear in mind whether you want your property to stand out or to complement the colours of the houses on the street as a whole.

6. Matching the front door to the windows?

Some homeowners opt for classical white windows and express their creativity in a brightly coloured front door. Others opt for all matching colours. It comes down to a personal preference.

7. Considering traditional values

In a period property, where consideration of conservation and heritage principles are highly valued, the traditional paint would be a light stone colour, off white or yellowish white.

8. Avoid trends

Changing the colour of all your windows in the future will be a big deal. Better to choose what you love than to follow other peoples trends, to ultimately enjoy and feel proud of your own home designs.

9. Matching the window frame colour to the interior walls

If you are looking for a bold yet cosy feel to your rooms, try painting everything the same colour. The colour will provide a cocoon-like feeling, great at certain times of the year in an Irish climate. Furthermore, the monotone gives a harmonious feeling as the lines of the room are not broken. Don’t forget to paint your radiators the same colour too though, so they don’t erroneously become the feature in the room.

10. Dual Paint Colour

For an extra cost, you can choose to have a factory spray finish that is dual colour – to suit the exterior and interior of your home.


Scroll through these images of recent projects that we have undertaken at Timeless Sash Windows that show the variety and capacity of our joinery.

window frame colours

This lovely colour blue grey from the Instagram feed Ormiston House Design, where we were the main window contractor for the refurbishment of Home of the Year. Follow this feed for wonderful design and renovation inspiration.


how to choose window frame colour

RAL 7015 Slate Grey windows (20% gloss) on red brick versus white windows on red brick. Matching front door.


before and after

RAL 7037 Dusty Grey windows with red front door and white facade


painting window frames

Farrow and Ball Comforth White window frames, white terraced building exterior


choosing your window frame colour

Window frames and door matching colours


Timber doors

Yellow front door with white frames


painting window frames

Window sashes and surrounds painted deep green to match and blend in with the interior walls. This causes the window to disappear into the walls.


3 henrietta street

Heritage buildings with Dulux Heritage White windows and RAL 9005 Jet Black front door

Dual paint colours

Have a look at these photos below:

choosing window frame colours

Both of these examples, above and below, chose a dark colour for the exterior and a white inside – giving a dramatic facade and a bright interior co-ordinated with the shutters and surrounds.

Choosing window colours

On the other hand, this image (below) shows the reverse, with white exterior and dramatic lead grey interior to match the shutters and walls.

choosing window frame colour

Dual paint colour – Farrow and Ball Down Pipe grey interior and Farrow and Ball Comforth White exterior

So how does it work when you choose your window paint colour?

Our surveyor, who comes to price the work, will advise you to choose your RAL colour as soon as possible. Our lead time varies between 8-14 weeks, and the sooner everything is signed off, the sooner production will start. Your finished windows will be factory spray painted before delivery and fitting. Consequently this gives incredible longevity to the paint and reduces your annual maintenance for the first 7 years to a wipe clean with warm soapy water.

Our final thoughts

Whilst we will paint your windows any colour that you choose, we prefer not to paint in black. This is simply for the long term life of the timber. Black absorbs the most sunlight and as such can cause the timber to warp.

Contact Us

We have a paint brochure that will help guide your ultimate decisions. Call our joinery office in Trim, Co. Meath on 046-9023323 or email us [email protected] to find out more.

Published on 10th October 2019

Jennie Ritchie, Timeless Sash Windows

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    I am looking into sash windows for a new build , could you price off plans . Possibly looking at the blue grey colour
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