IMC Glass wins Architecture Choice Awards with Slim Glaze

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IMC Glass wins Architecture Choice Awards with Slim Glaze

slim glaze
slim glaze

IMC Glass are the principal supplier for glazing for your windows at Timeless Sash Windows.

Keeping old houses warm is on the mind of many. This is not simply a fact of the focus on emissions and climate change. It is in fact, more efficient to retro-fit an existing house than to build a new one, in terms of embodied energy use. However, the major complaints with older houses is that they are energy guzzling machines with high carbon output.

One of the principal ways to improve older homes is to refurbish or replace the windows.

“It is no longer necessary to expect people who live in old buildings not to optimise their insulation. This product provides the alternative to turning up the heating and allows people to live more comfortably in older properties” – Aaron McCreanor, Owner at IMC Glass.

IMC Glass recently won an Architects Choice Award for Best Exterior Product for their Slim Glaze. This is a specialist double glazed unit, especially suited to older properties.

When you choose to retro-fit double glazing into frames that were designed for single glazing, your window surveyor will decide whether the timber frames are suitable enough to house a heavier double glazed section. In such situations Slim Glaze is the perfect choice. An ultra-slim, low-sight line double glazed unit which, using the latest technology, can offer high heat retaining benefits for your home. This is especially important when you have to balance historic preservation with comfort and environment requirements. In addition, it works beautifully in newly constructed homes wanting to achieve that historic look.

Slim Glaze units start at 11mm, the thickness of a biro.

Advantages of IMC Slim Glaze:

  • Thermal Efficiency – IMC Slim Glaze achieves U-values as low as 1.2 on a 6mm cavity and 1.1 on an 8mm cavity, depending on the type of gas used. The resulting heat loss through the glass is reduced by up to 77% compared to single glazing.
  • Gas Insulation – The thermal conductivity properties of krypton and xenon are much lower than air, meaning they are much more efficient insulators and are excellent at reducing U-values in sealed double glazed units. All our slim glazing uses these two gases exclusively, meaning you get excellent insulation against both cold and noise.
  • Minimise Condensation – condensation is one of the main factors in timber frame rot in the lower sections of the windows. However, the warm edge ‘super spacer’ bar in IMC Slim Glaze acts as a thermal break, stopping the cold reaching the inner pane of the glazed unit. This in turn helps to maintain a standard room temperature when the heating is not on, which reduces condensation and heat loss.
  • High performance spacer bars – The latest in warm edge technology.  94% of energy loss through a window using an aluminium spacer system occurs at the edge of the glass, this is due to the highly conductive nature of the metal used. Our warm edge Super Spacer bar is the ideal solution to achieve energy-efficient windows as it’s over 950 times less conductive, blocking heat loss and reducing energy costs.  For 4mm, 6mm or 8mm cavity, the spacer bar itself is just 3mm in depth. It has ruler straight edges and sharp corners in addition to colour choices that blend with any frame finish.

Customised Slim Glaze

Furthermore, IMC can customise Slim Glaze according to your requirements. For example, one of the panes of glass can be Pilkington Opti-White which increases solar gain, in turn reducing heating bills in the winter. Another advantage of this glass is that it is practically colourless, in comparison with standard glass.

Alternatively if noise reduction is of paramount importance,you can choose Pilkington Optiphon Acoustic laminated glass. Once incorporated into the Slim Glaze unit, this high-performing noise insulation works by combining various thicknesses of glass with a special polyvinyl butyral interlayer to achieve noise reduction requirements.

In conclusion, IMC Slim Glaze is the perfect solution in combination with our timber frame manufacturing expertise. We custom make each window to order with the appropriate glazing and and our expert team will then fit it in your property. We can ensure the maximum lifespan from your new windows in a warmer home.

For enquires and a site specific survey, call 046-9023323 or email your enquiry to [email protected]

Published 12th December 2019

Jennie Ritchie, Timeless Sash Windows

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