How to Care for Sash Windows

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How to Care for Sash Windows

Window styles in Dublin
Window styles in Dublin

Window styles in Dublin

This guide will explain how to care for sash windows which will reward you with efficiency and beauty for years to come. Correctly cared for, timber windows have an incredible lifespan. Malfunctioning or inefficient windows do not always need to be replaced. There are plenty of choices for spot timber repairs, draughtproofing and retro fitting of modern glazing.

Houses in Ireland have traditional timber windows that are more than a hundred years old. Such windows can be repaired and refurbished as necessary over time. These gorgeous windows reflect the status and fashion of homes that have been designed with a timeless quality. To maintain the tradition and looks of the original windows whilst upgrading with modern techniques can greatly improve the efficiency of the window and the value of the property.

Sash windows were very popular in the Victorian (1837 – 1901) and Georgian (1714 – 1837) eras in Dublin and throughout Ireland. Our Irish heritage is evident throughout the country in the different architectural styles and the work of skilled joiners. Often windows are the most decorative element of a property giving style and character to the building.

At Timeless Sash Windows, we are a specialist Irish joinery that can advise you on how to care for sash windows. Should you require upgrades, improvements or repairs, our expert craftsmen can completely restore the timber and retrofit the slimmest of double glazing to afford you modern expectations of insulation. We work to the conservation guidelines of architects to honour the historical heritage of the windows.

“A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they will never sit in” Greek Proverb

Have a look at this quick guide to efficiently care for sash windows. Remember to stay safe as you assess and clean your windows every year and carefully read the paint manufacturer’s guidelines for any repainting that you do to continue the protection of the timber.

Care for Sash Windows

Care for Sash Windows

For further great advice, download the Buildings of Ireland pdf guidebook on Historic Windows.

Author: Jennifer Ritchie, 6th April 2018



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