This month in the Joinery – July 2019 – making timber windows

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This month in the Joinery – July 2019 – making timber windows

making timber windows

timber windows

The joinery is a busy place making timber windows all year. It is never the same as all products are bespoke. So there is a steady communication between the sales team, project management and joinery. All cogs must be running simultaneously and harmoniously to get the finished product to you, the customer, on time.

Timber windows

This month we are refurbishing the windows of several prestigious buildings, including Newbridge College Clocktower, which must be completed before the students return at the end of August. There are beautiful bowed windows where we take great care as always, not to damage the original glass in any way. We also have some unique pieces in construction, such as a square timber rooflight and beautiful arched windows.

Take a tour

We are always happy to show you through the joinery to see what it takes to make your windows. Make an appointment or stop by our office in Trim during working hours.

This short video gives you an idea of the current work in progress, together with some images taken of finished properties this week.

Making timber windows:

Published by Jennie Ritchie, Timeless Sash Windows

16th July 2019

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