Conservation Sash Windows

wooden double glazed sash windows
Wooden Double Glazed Sash Windows
making timber windows
This month in the Joinery – July 2019 – making timber windows

Conservation Sash Windows

conservation sash windows

At Timeless Sash Windows, we work exclusively with timber and we specialise in conservation sash windows.

Timeless Sash Windows have years of experience protecting and preserving the heritage of Ireland’s historic windows and of working in conjunction with conservation officers and architects. All our work is carried out to best conservation principles. This means that we conserve as much of the window as possible and that we document each window in detail throughout the project.

Conservation Areas

There was no strict definition of conservation until the year 2000 in Ireland. However, the Local Government (Planning and Development) Act 1999 and the Planning and Development Act 2000 (Part IV Architectural Heritage) now require that local authorities keep a list of protected structures. Furthermore, there are areas zoned as Architectural Conservation Areas that contain historic houses.

If you live in such a protected structure, there are special requirements when considering updates to windows. Indeed the windows themselves contribute to the historic nature of the building and perhaps the area. In many cases, you will require planning permission or to contact a conservation architect.

These protected structures and conservation areas are throughout Ireland. Each county council has details of their particular zoning and have their own officials.

View the Architectural Conservation areas of Dublin here. Click here,

“Dublin is an ancient city and has many sites of historical and cultural importance. Dublin City Council’s Archaeology Office, Heritage Office and Conservation Office can help you to preserve this wealth for future generations.”

The best place for you to start is to contact the conservation officer on your local council.

A multi-skilled joinery

However, whether you live in a protected structure or not, you can benefit from the knowledge and expertise of the team here at Timeless Sash Windows. Furthermore, we can refurbish, repair or replace sash windows, casement windows, doors, shutters and window surrounds. You will benefit from working with one contractor for all your timber needs. This will make project management a great deal easier.

“All the windows and surrounds have been repaired by Timeless Sash Windows – and are working. What astonishes people is that not only did Timeless repair the windows, but also the shutters. We also got them to do all of the ornate woodwork in the house: dado rails, mouldings, architraves, skirtings …. some of the work is quite intricate, but the quality is fantastic.” said Pat Wigglesworth, 3 Henrietta Street.

Read more: 3 Henrietta Street – a story of conservation. Click here.

Sash window conservation

We have a specialist area of the joinery in Trim to focus exclusively on conservation. When the windows arrive to the joinery, our first step is to take great care to keep all the glass intact, remove and store it for re-use. Next, we remove all the paint from the sashes, including the glazing bar. Then we survey all timber for any rot, structural issues, warping, twisting or woodworm.

The splice repair process involves the removal of decayed timber back to the sound timber. Depending on what type of repair is being carried out, we will insert cut timber in the form of a joint. It is important to note that when we cut the new timber splice to size that we leave a gap of between 4mm to 8mm (depending on the repair) around the splice for the two part resin. Typically spliced joints were cut tight and thus were more susceptible to timber movement which allowed moisture ingress. All timber used in our repairs is un-primed. Next we will check the moisture content of both the timber splice and the sash window timber member itself to ensure a moisture content of below 18%.

We reseal the repair with resin and allow it time to cure correctly. We sand and prime both the repair and the surrounding areas, to prepare for painting.

Modern Techniques

We combine such time honoured timber craftmanship with modern draught sealing and security technology. Importantly, Timeless Sash Windows developed the patent pending Slimglaze system to double glaze a glazing bar as fine as 18mm. Most original Georgian windows have very fine glazing bars. However, we are still able to insert slim double glazing units that are supported by the timber and exactly match the existing detail.

Read more: Timeless Sash Windows – Slimglaze System. Click here.

Benefits of repairing original windows

The benefits of repairing original windows are to preserve the aesthetics and character of the building. Additionally, there is less waste and less timber used in the work. It is especially worth preserving the original timber, as old windows are made with very slow growing hardwoods that are less commercially available now. This brings incredible longevity to the windows and doors. Furthermore, we are able to keep the single glazing and original details beautifully preserved.

Sash window conservation projects

Timeless Sash Windows work annually on important structures and we are very proud of this aspect of our business. Here are some of the large projects we have completed in recent years:

  • Killeen Castle, Dunsany, Co. Meath
  • De la Salle College, Waterford
  • Teagasc Head Office, Carlow
  • Dun Laoghaire VEC
  • Ashford Castle, Co. Mayo
  • Gurthalougha House, Co. Tipperary
  • Ormiston House, Belfast, Co. Down
  • Clondalkin Round Tower, Co. Dublin
  • 23 Molesworth Street, Dublin
  • National Gallery of Ireland, Dublin
  • Cathal Brugha Barracks
  • Grangegorman building 17
  • Shelbourne Hotel
  • American Ambassador’s Residence, Phoenix Park, Co. Dublin
  • Spencer Dock, North Wall, Co. Dublin
  • Rathaldron Castle, Co. Meath
  • The Officers Mess, Clancy Quay, Dublin
  • Newbridge College, Co. Kildare
  • Johnstown Castle, Co. Wexford
  • Butlers Art Gallery, Kilkenny

The legacy of these properties will survive many more generations thanks to current foresight.

conservation sash windows

Ashford Castle

conservation sash windows

Ormiston House, winner of RTE Home of the Year

conservation sash windows

Newbridge College, currently under refurbishment July 2019

Published 15th July 2019

Jennie Ritchie, Timeless Sash Windows

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