Wooden Double Glazed Sash Windows

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Wooden Double Glazed Sash Windows

wooden double glazed sash windows

double glazing wooden sash windows

Double glazing wooden sash windows

“Our original sash windows are cold and draughty, what is the best solution?” This is a question that is often posed and it may be surprising to realise that wooden double glazed sash windows are indeed possible. Furthermore it is important to note that the most aesthetically pleasing and traditional windows are made from solid hardwood.

Updating wooden sash windows

If your wooden windows are looking tired and feeling cold, our joiners can remove and repair the sashes at our joinery in Co. Meath. During the period that the sashes are out, a plywood sheet will fill the opening. This is a short term loss for a very long term gain. The fitting crew will repair the frames on site.

Meanwhile, back at the joinery we clean and deepen the rebate to house the thicker double glazed unit. More than likely, the only double glazing that can be used is Slimline double glazing. The benefit of this is dual-fold: the finished sash windows will appear to be single glazed, yet they will have the advantage of modern thermal efficiency and measured U-values.

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Finally when we return the freshly painted sashes to your property, the fitters will draught proof and fit them.

The benefits of wooden double glazed sash windows

Your windows will look and feel like new. Customers have told me:

“The heating system used to struggle to maintain a temperature in the winter months, but now it works with ease”

“Instantly I noticed a difference, just walking past the windows – there was no more chill!”

“Previously the windows were in a state of disrepair, but now they open and close easily”.

The newly painted sashes come with a guarantee that no painting will be needed for at least 5 years. The only maintenance required is an annual wipe with a damp cloth to remove dirt and debris.

The draught proofing will seal the edges of the windows where traditional sash windows were leaky.

The double glazed units will provide a layer of thermal efficiency through the warm edge spacer and the specialized gas that is in between the panes. An interesting measured value is the U-value:

What is the U-value difference between single and Slimline double glazing?

The U-value of a 4mm single pane of glass is 5.7W/m2K. The U-value of a 12mm double glazed Slimline unit is 1.9W/m2K.

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On a final note, if you would like to know more about double glazing wooden sash windows, call our office on 046-9023323 to have a chat with Patrick or Pearse who will guide you through the best solution for your windows.

wooden double glazed sash windows
Published 10th July 2019
Words and pictures by Jennie Ritchie, Timeless Sash Windows


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