Casement windows Ireland Printable Guide

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Casement windows Ireland Printable Guide

casement windows

In relation to casement windows Ireland, bespoke timber manufacturers, Timeless Sash Windows, will give you expert advice.

casement windows

Bay casement window, exterior view

To help you choose the features of your casement windows, download and print this short guide. It highlights some windows that we have manufactured or refurbished recently. You will notice differences in styles and design. Some have a fixed mullion in the centre, whereas others have a floating mullion (French casement).

Casement windows look very well and provide a secure draught proof seal against the elements. This is an important factor in the Irish climate and with modern building and living standards.

As with all our windows, you can paint these in any colour and choose the ironmongery that goes with the style of your home.

For further information on the properties of casement windows, join our CEO Barry Callaghan for a quick Q and A on our blog here.

Q and A with Barry Callaghan

What are the advantages of casement windows?

  • Good for ventilation as they are easy to open and close at various angles.
  • Increased energy efficiency due to reduced air leakage and few moving parts.
  • Casement windows are very versatile in that you can choose single or double opening options depending on the size of the window opening.
  • Affordability – casement windows are cheaper to manufacture and install than other styles of windows.
  • Low maintenance – the hinges are the only moving parts so there is less maintenance than other styles of windows.
  • You will benefit from unrestricted views when the window is open fully.
  • Casement windows are easy to open so they are handy in areas such as the kitchen sink.
  • To consider the aesthetics of your home, if you have French doors it looks very well to also have French casement windows.
  • Building regulations – if it is the case that emergency escape routes are a consideration, casement windows offer dual functionality, both as a window and as an emergency escape.
  • Flexibility of design – casement windows look equally well in Tudor, cottage style and Georgian properties

Click here to download your free printable guide to Casement Windows Ireland

Casement windows

casement windows ireland

casement windows ireland

casement windows ireland

casement windows ireland

Click here to download your free printable guide to casement windows

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Published on 8th July 2019

Jennifer Ritchie, Timeless Sash Windows

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