Timeless Sash Windows on the Finer Details of Window Design

making sash windows
Making Sash Windows at the Timeless Joinery
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Spiral Balance Sash Windows Ireland

Timeless Sash Windows on the Finer Details of Window Design

making sash windows


Your dreamy light filled home starts with the windows. Think sleek frames with delicate moldings, painted dark tones on the outside to contrast with the brickwork and white inside to maximise the light. It’s the small details that count.

Timeless Sash Windows are bespoke timber experts and offer to outline some of those important details that will highlight the design possibilities to give you the most beautiful backbone for your home.

bay window


Detail No. 1

Warm edge spacer bar in between the panes of double glazing – maximising thermal efficiency and making the double glazing appear to float. You can choose between black or white to align with paint colour choices.

Detail No. 2

Fine glazing bars – the slimmer the glazing bar, the larger the window pane, the more light that will fill your home – our patent pending, Slimglaze System allows us to double glaze a bar as narrow as 16mm. (Read More – Slimglaze).

Detail No. 3

Two tone paint – with custom made timber windows we can paint the outside of the window a different colour to the inside, allowing you to maximise your design right to the edges of the glass.

Detail No. 4

During a home refurbishment, it is not always necessary to replace the windows. Original timber window frames can be repaired in situ and the sashes can be fabricated new or repaired, on a case by case basis. (Read More – Sash Window Repair).

Detail No. 5

Dispelling the myth that timber is higher maintenance than PVC – with a factory finish of specialist exterior joinery paint, timber windows will be maintenance free for at least 7 years. After this time, a repaint will be necessary from time to time, and these windows will last a lifetime. On the flipside PVC windows will be bulkier and repairs are not possible over time, they will ultimately need a complete replacement. (Read More – Timber versus uPVC).

Detail No. 6

Discuss the glazing options with your window surveyor. Modern glazing combined with window manufacture allows amazing results such as curved windows, electric glass for privacy, many variables in double glazing, bevelled glass for wow factor, stained glass and so much more. (Read More – Window Glazing Options).

Detail No. 7

Window surrounds – think about how you plan to finish the window internally – with shutter boxes for a traditional look, the details of the architraves and fixed liner options. (Read More – Shutters, Architraves & Panels).

Detail No. 8

Living in the Irish climate, warmth and thermal efficiency are of paramount importance when considering the choices of windows. (Read More – U values in Sash Windows). New timber sash windows can achieve U-values as low as 1.4. Even draught proofing original windows can make a difference to rattling and air leakage. Timeless Sash Windows have had their widows tested independently in the UK and have been awarded Class 4 – the best performance available on the market.

Detail No. 9

Don’t overlook the ratios of historical design. The Golden Ratio was most commonly used in the Georgian era where windows took centre stage. This ancient formula with its roots in early Greece defines the mathematical method for creating aesthetically pleasing designs and has been analysed in nature, how the leaves of plants are arranged through to artists such as Dali who employed it for his canvases.  According to this calculation, the ratio of 1:1.618 is the optimal design for windows.

Detail No. 10

There is a wide array of ironmongery to choose from. (Read More – Ironmongery) .You can opt for traditional brass or modern chrome according to the period of your home and your preferences. The latches and handles are all designed for security and according to building regulations so your home will be a secure place and a safe haven. Beware cheap imitation ironmongery that won’t last. At Timeless Sash Windows we use top quality ironmongery for all products.

At Timeless Sash Windows we understand the complexities of these details and your decisions, so an initial survey with an expert can start you on the right path. Our project managers are also experts and can assist you as the work unfolds so that your finished home will be just as you dreamed.

Timeless Sash Windows are soon exhibiting for the first time ever at House in 2019 and look forward to answering your questions and helping you through the realisation of what you desire for your home.

before and after

Two tone painting of windows – a dark exterior and white interior, to suit the design

Published on 30th April 2019. Jennie Ritchie.

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