3 Henrietta Street – a Story of Conservation & Restoration

original sash windows
Original sash windows – Georgian Restoration in Blackrock, Co. Dublin
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3 Henrietta Street – a Story of Conservation & Restoration

3 henrietta street

3 Henrietta Street – a story of conservation and restoration

3 Henrietta Street is at the final stage of an extensive restoration covering a two year period. Last year I was lucky enough to photograph 3 Henrietta Street  midway through the renovations. (Read article here: No 3 Henrietta Street).

Now, one year later, Pat Wigglesworth was kind enough to allow me to return and see the building completed. And what a transformation. The sheer scale of the project and the attention to detail are superb. The focus throughout is balancing the conservation of the building with a modern functionality in terms of safety and comfort.

The proportions and grandeur of the entrance hallway are breathtaking. In addition, there is sublimely subtle decor throughout. Not too much to detract from the historic Georgian details of the building. However, the perfect amount for comfort. I am at once overwhelmed by a sense of the past and present colliding with a wonderfully harmonious balance.

Past to Present

Henrietta Street is one of the oldest Georgian streets in Dublin built in the 1750s and was originally the heart of the upper class glamour before becoming a run down street of tenement flats. Moreover, 14 Henrietta Street has been converted into a hugely popular museum owned and operated by Dublin City Council, depicting this era of the city.

The 1950s census saw this property subdivided into 20 units with an average of 8 people per unit. Today, thanks to the foresight and dedication of Pat Wigglesworth and Ian Lumley, 3 Henrietta Street is redefined as 7 luxury apartments for corporate lets in prime location in Dublin’s city centre.

Timeless Sash Windows

Pat says that he chose Timeless Sash Windows (previously known as Callaghan’s Sash Windows) for the restoration:  “It is better to have one contractor that can work on the complete window, from sash to frame and the complete window surrounds and shutters. It allows the job to run smoothly without overlaps”.

Timeless Sash Windows have extensive experience in restoration having worked on a number of large projects such as Ashford Castle, Killeen Castle, Spencer Dock and Ormiston House (winner of RTE Home of the Year) to name a few. In these instances, it is our capability to work on a large project and deliver on time that is a high priority.

Enjoy this short video to see a selection of images of the restored windows and shutters in the property.

The whole property has an air of grandeur, largely due to the high ceilings and huge window proportions. The intricate and fully restored plasterwork by Irish Fine Art Plasterwork lends elegance and grace to the entrance hallway and generous bedrooms on the first floor. Throughout the property has been tastefully and thoughtfully decorated with modern comforts combined with sophisticated antiques.

The building stands as in the heyday of this street and it is with credit to the developers who have worked tirelessly to ensure that standards are maintained for future generations. What a legacy!

Enjoy these images of the majestic 3 Henrietta Street.

3 henrietta street

Hall and Staircase windows 2.45m each in height.

3 henrietta street

3 henrietta street

Master Bedroom

3 henrietta street

Bedroom window and ceiling plasterwork detail

3 henrietta street

Closed shutters and details

3 henrietta street

Entrance Hallway

3 henrietta street

Henrietta Street

3 henrietta street

Exterior of 3 Henrietta Street – rear view

3 henrietta street

Bedroom windows

3 Henrietta Street

Bedroom Windows

3 Henrietta Street

Living room

3 hnerietta street

Arched window 2.35m high

3 henrietta street

Arched sliding sash window

3 Henrietta Street

Basement shutters detail

3 henrietta Street

Refurbished sash window

Published 14th May 2019

Words and images Jennie Ritchie, Timeless Sash Windows.


  1. Lance Fraser says:

    Fantastic restoration!! Beautiful work! These brownstones are National Treasures. Find another one to fix up. Hah

    Best Regards

    Lance C. Fraser

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