Advice for Maintenance and Upkeep of your Windows

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Advice for Maintenance and Upkeep of your Windows

cleaning sash windows

Cleaning Sash Windows

In order to see through the endless noise on the internet regarding the evolving situation and climate of fear that we are currently living in, the team at Timeless Sash Windows would like to bring you some positivity.

It is important to heed the advice that the government and health authorities are giving us, keep distanced and stay at home as much as possible.

Since we are blessed with wonderful Springtime weather across much of the country these days, those with sudden free time are looking to their homes and gardens to make the most of that time.

Whilst the windows we make are timber sash and casement designs that are suited to many period style homes and conservation or protected properties, we can give good advice for the maintenance and upkeep of windows.

Indeed it is a great time to tackle what can sometimes seem like a big task like cleaning sash windows.

How to clean sash windows

All windows benefit from an annual wipe over with a damp cloth and light detergent to remove residue, insects and build up of grime. This protects the paint which in turn protects the timber. Additionally, you get a great opportunity to inspect the windows for any signs of rot or decay.

The glazing itself can be cleaned with a solution of vinegar and water or professional glass cleaner, to get a streak-free finish.

Furthermore, you should check the cords and pulleys for any signs of wear and tear. We can replace cords simply and always use a cord that has a nylon core for strength.

cleaning sash windows

Painting Sash Windows

If you have access to the materials and see it as a good time to repaint your sash windows, here are some tips and advice that might help.

  • We use Teknos water based exterior joinery paint – this is a specialist paint with excellent longevity for timber windows and doors. The windows that we make and fit will not require painting for 7-10 years, which is an outstanding guarantee. Teknos paint is available for purchase through stockists listed here.
  • Areas of paint that need to be touched up should first be lightly sanded with a fine grade sandpaper. Wash the area with detergent and rinse with clean water to remove dust, insects and other contaminants which can cause a base for algae and fungi growth. 
  • Choose Teknos Aquatop 2600 opaque or translucent topcoat in the appropriate colour and allow to dry for four hours between coats.
  • If there is heavy damage to the paint coatings, surface preservatives and primers will need to be applied first.
  • Use blue masking tape to protect the glass before you start, as the paint needs to cover the putty to protect it as well.
  • Use light, long brush strokes without an excessive amount of paint on the brush in order to get a smooth and even coat.
  • Leave the window open to dry fully before you close it, to avoid it sticking together

Timeless Sash Windows current situation

We hope this helps and gives you motivation to stay positive in the weeks ahead. Remember, nothing lasts forever but let’s all do our bit to ensure a quicker return to normal.

Our manufacturing and installation facilities are currently closed as per government guidelines. Our office staff are working from home and continue to answer phone call and website inquiries.

In the future, when we return to work, we will adhere to all recommendations for the safety of staff and customers alike and remain in touch the the relevant authorities to ensure that we maintain the highest standards. We work on an 8-12 week lead time as everything is made-to-order. We will service survey requests while maintaining a safe working distance, wearing gloves and practising excellent hygiene. Our joinery will be manufacturing with social distancing measures, sanitising stations and segregated break times for all the team.

We look forward to working with you in the future and in the meantime, wish everyone good health and gratitude and respect to those continuing to work.

Published 8th April 2020

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