Shaped windows – ARCHED windows and CIRCULAR windows

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Shaped windows – ARCHED windows and CIRCULAR windows

circular window
circular window

Circular Window

Shaped windows add an element of style to your property.

Arched windows, Circular windows and Fanlights

Arched windows in particular feature heavily in Georgian architecture. Victorians also included arched top sashes in sash windows. Bespoke timber joineries like ourselves can match these designs in timber windows. Furthermore, if the windows are new or to be refurbished it is equally possible.

The function of the arch in windows is to maximise the light coming in by increasing the surface area of the window.

Arched windows

Arched windows with old glass

Thermal efficiency in arched windows

It is possible to double glaze fanlights and arched windows. In period properties these windows can be refurbished. Expert joiners, such as Timeless Sash Windows, repair the timber and where necessary will splice in new timber sections. Next our spray painter Gerry will finish paint the fanlight with 3 coats of Teknos exterior joinery paint. Finally, the glazing team will insert the glazing units and putty seal them.

The glazing units that we use in all windows and doors are ordered on a case by case basis. As such, we can use arched or even curved glass in specific windows. It is also possible, although costly, to double glaze old glass.

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Arched window

Thermally efficient arched window

Arched window

Arched window architrave details

Arched window

Arched window – 3 Henrietta Street

Arched window

Stairway feature window

New arched window

New arched window

refurbshing old arched windows

Refurbishing old arched windows


Another way to let light in is with a fanlight above a solid door. This is a common feature in period architecture. In some properties these are leaded lights or stained glass. Whereas is some homes they are a simple double or single glazed unit.

arched window


arched fanlight

Arched fanlight

Published on 24th June 2019.

Words and Pictures Jennie Ritchie, Timeless Sash Windows


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