Victorian Sash Windows

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Double glazed sash windows
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Victorian Sash Windows

victorian sash windows
Victorian sash windows

Victorian sash windows celebrate an era of development in window styles in the latter 1800s. Windows made in this era took advantage of developments in glass making to include large panes of cylinder glass and Pilkington plate glass. There was a move from the typical 6-over-6 formation of Georgian windows to one-over-one distinctive Victorian sash windows.

History of Victorian Windows

Victorian terraced homes and country properties built in the era between 1837 and 1901 are classed as Victorian. This period followed the Georgian era and preceded the Edwardian. Houses built in each period show many similarities in architectural fashions and construction developments of the time.

Windows in particular followed the huge advancements in glazing technology. The timber sections reflected the size and weight of the panes that they held. Towards the end of the Georgian era, glazing bars became very narrow as the glass was lighter and in smaller sheets. The onset of the fabrication of larger panes of glass in the UK and subsequently Ireland, announced thicker meeting rails initially in a two-over-two pattern. These in turn narrowed following joinery advancements, to result in extremely beautiful windows.

Victorian sash window

New Victorian windows

Current glazing and window manufacture affords us the luxury of slim panes of double glazing supported by similarly slim timber sections. The result is a window unequal in elegance and beauty. Homeowners benefit from almost unobstructed views whilst maintaining the highly sought after period and original features of their home.

Previously sash windows had a reputation for draughts and rattles. However, current bespoke window quality offers a sash window that slides smoothly and easily and is devoid of draughts. The result is thermal efficiency not typically associated with historic windows.

Victorian sash windows

Stained Glass

A further feature of Victorian windows is the presence of stained glass. Front doors are often surrounded by colourful sidelights and a fanlight that provide further architectural interest.

At Timeless Sash Windows we work closely with stained glass specialists Glasshaus Studio in Co. Meath to restore or replicate features.

Victorian front door with stained glass fanlight

If you are refurbishing a Victorian property or love the style and would like to replicate it in a new home, we are happy to chat and give advice tailor made for your project.

Our products are all bespoke. This means they are ideally suited for period homes where not all measurements are standard. Choosing a tailor made window means that you will have the best possible results, evident from both the interior and exterior of your home.

Published 17th January 2020

Jennie Ritchie, Timeless Sash Windows

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