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Fineo glazing Ireland

fineo glazing ireland
fineo glazing ireland

We are delighted to be working with Energlaze who are bringing a new slim glazing product to the market in Ireland: Fineo glazing. It is one of the range of glazing options available at Timeless Sash Windows for fitting in your windows.

AGC glass in Belgium manufacture Fineo’s new glazing technology. Interestingly, Fineo combines Panasonic display-related expertise together with AGC’s skill in glazing. The result is an extremely thin unit that is compatible with most fine glazing bars. Furthermore, as there are no inert gases, it will not deteriorate over time.

Fineo glass is a thin, vacuum-insulated glazing unit. This technology offers impressive thermal insulatioin combined with noise reduction, unrivaled sustainability and elegant, classical aesthetics.

Historic and Conservation Sash Windows

Fineo is ideal for retrofitting into timber sash windows, particularly older windows with fine glazing bars that cannot hold the thicker section of some double glazing units.


The Fineo glazing units are 100% recyclable. Additionally, they are made in Europe, reducing long travel times from distant destinations.

The energy saving that you experience from superior windows will bring savings in the use of fossil fuels as well as reducing your monthly bills.

Benefits of Fineo Glazing

  • 8 times more efficient than single glazing
  • Ultra-slim profile of just 6.7mm (1/4”)
  • U-value as low as 0.7 W/m2K
  • Exceptional acoustic properties
  • Can reduce draughts, cold spots & internal condensation
  • Perfect for retrofitting into existing timber frames
  • Lead free & 100% recyclable
  • High light transmittance
  • 15 Year guarantee

AGC Glass Europe

In conclusion, award winning AGC have this to say “Produced in the company’s Lodelinsart plant (Belgium), Fineo has thermal insulation performance equal to that of triple glazing, and even better in terms of acoustic insulation. However, its thickness (less than 1 cm) is a fifth to a quarter that of triple glazing units of the same dimensions, while its weight is one third lighter. The thinness of the vacuum glass additionally gives it better light transmission. Finally, it’s aesthetic finishing is unrivalled on the market.” AGC Glass Europe

7th February 2021, Timeless Sash Windows

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  1. Catherine Gilmurray says:

    I wish to replace the shop section on the right but want to keep my mahogany frames- noise and heat are the problems for me. Also I have read that putting new glazing into old frames may have leaks???
    Can you advise me please

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