Window Conservation Specialists

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Window Conservation Specialists

Window Conservation Specialists

Window conservation is a delicate task that requires an expert eye. At Timeless Sash Windows, we have a dedicated area of the joinery for refurbishing historic windows. Our craftsmen work to bring them back to their former glory.

Glazing in Conservation Windows

Every project and building is specific as to the restoration options for original windows. We work closely with your conservation architect to ensure that all heritage requirements are met.

In many instances, the original single glazing must be maintained. However, refurbishment of the sash and surrounds will allow for smooth operation of the windows. We also introduce new draught sealing which will improve thermal efficiency.

We have created a sash window to show different glazing options (below). This is on display in our showroom in Trim, Co. Meath. For discussion on specific glazing options, please make an appointment to visit or contact our office for a phone consultation.

Each glazing option has different thermal and acoustic properties. The glass units in the below sash have vastly different U-values, these range from 0.7 to 5.7. Please feel free to contact us to get more details and we can advise which unit will work best for your specific project.

E.g. 4 / 4/ / 4 denotes 4mm glazing pane / 4mm gas filled cavity / 4 mm glazing pane

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Window Glazing Options

Listed buildings in Ireland

Protected structures is the name for listed buildings in Ireland.

The Local Government (Planning and Development) Act 1999 and the Planning and Development Act 2000 (Part IV Architectural Heritage) require that local authorities keep a list of protected structures. There are also areas zoned as Architectural Conservation Areas that contain historic houses.

These protected structures and conservation areas exist throughout Ireland. Each county council has details of their particular zoning and have their own officials.

If you live in such a protected structure, there are special requirements when considering updates to windows. Indeed the windows themselves contribute to the historic nature of the building and perhaps the area. In many cases, you will require planning permission or to contact a conservation architect. A good place to start is to contact the conservation officer on your local council.

View the Architectural Conservation areas of Dublin here. Click here,

“Dublin is an ancient city and has many sites of historical and cultural importance. Moreover, Dublin City Council’s Archaeology Office, Heritage Office and Conservation Office can help you to preserve this wealth for future generations.”

Irish Georgian Society

Timeless Sash Windows are members of the Irish Georgian Society.

Importantly “The vision of the Irish Georgian Society is to conserve, protect and foster an interest and a respect for Ireland’s architectural heritage and decorative arts.”

In 2019, the overall winner of the IGS Conservation Awards was No.3 Henrietta Street. This is a restoration project that we are proud to have been involved with as window and shutter contractors throughout.

See more: Winner IGS Conservation Awards 2019

National Guild of Mastercraftsmen

Furthermore, we are members of the National Guild of Mastercraftsmen in Ireland.

“The National Guild of Master Craftsmen is the largest organisation representing skilled and accredited tradesmen and builders.”

See more: National Guild of Mastercraftsmen – windows and doors Ireland

Georgian and Victorian homes

Finally, period properties built in the Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian eras will benefit from window upgrades. Timber windows can be incredibly long lasting if you care well for them. They additionally maintain the look and style of the original building design.

Our team will happily advise you how to improve the thermal qualities with timber repairs, glazing options and draught sealing. Newly restored and painted windows will only need a wipe clean for about 10 years. Then they will need a light sand and fresh coat of paint to ensure no insect or weather damage – which would ultimately create rot.

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26th October 2020. Timeless Sash Windows

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